United Talents is the most effective recruitment agency in Estonia. We carry out all projects only through proactive covert headhunting. This means leaving aside all traditional recruitment channels and approaching the labor market directly.

As a recruitment partner, we bring you the best candidates from specialists to top managers. Headhunting is a considerable investment, and it is natural that even very experienced decision-makers have a number of questions when choosing a recruitment agency. Hiring the wrong manager or specialist can be the company’s most costly mistake, and a “free” warranty does not cover all customer losses.

There are a number of components in choosing a recruitment partner: process, financial indicators, references, price, speed, headhunter’s experience in the customer’s field and much more. The personal match is also very important – a solid feeling that the headhunting consultant is bringing the desired result. All customer questions are always welcome – trust starts with understanding. Below we bring out some of the most common questions asked from us when choosing a recruitment partner. If any of the important questions are not answered below, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it further.
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Why customers trust us with the headhunting?

We perform an in-depth analysis of the company and the position you are looking for to fill, which results in a thorough search profile. Our consultants speak fluent technical language, help to create job descriptions from the conceptual level, rise to the strategic thinking of owners and top executives- the accurate profile guarantees the expected candidates.
We provide systematical valuable feedback to the customer through the whole search. The customers always have their hand on the pulse, and in the final selection we present only the candidates who have received the customers approval.
Recruitment presentation documents are comprehensive and contain only valuable information to support the customers in conducting their own interviews and to effectively involve other decision-makers in the process if necessary.
As a reliable recruitment agency, we give a full guarantee for all searches. We are confident in the quality of our work and in our final selections, and we want our customers to feel the same confidence.
We are the fastest headhunting partner on the market. Depending on the position, we will present the final selection in 2 - 4 weeks.
We are flexible and committed to the goal. If you need special solutions when recruiting employees, we will put our heads together and respond quickly.
We have a wide reach and successfully recruit through headhunting in any country, industry, all types of organizations and at all levels.


  • Is headhunting only for finding managers?

    Headhunting started with covert offers to top managers, i.e. executive search. The more time passes, the more difficult it is for top managers to create teams where the top specialist is the key person and is more difficult to find than the top manager himself. Today, successful companies are growing rapidly and labor shortages are acute in almost every field. United Talents has been created to fill all complex positions through a methodical headhunting process. Top manager searches form nearly 20% of our searches. The rest of the searches are on the specialist, top specialist or middle management level. At the same time, through a covert headhunting, we have even helped to fill the study group of the tellers of a big bank and have found a right hand for the top manager, i.e. a executive assistant. If the demands are high and the need is acute – nowadays you have to headhunt at every level.

  • Are the headhunted candidates less motivated than the self-applied candidates?

    As the work is with a human factor, then there is no definitive truth about candidates’ motivation. However, our experience shows that the career decisions of headhunted candidates are made after very careful consideration and several meetings. An already entrenched decision is a definite decision that will not be changed later by the counter-offer of today’s employer or new job offers in the future. Certainly, a similar strong internal motivation can be found in the case of an self-applied employee, but as the open competition does not provide such a guarantee, then as a headhunter partner we must always make sure that the final candidates meet all the customer’s requirements and be highly motivated. Our customers must always be able to recruit with full confidence and we give them the  guarantee.

  • Does headhunting mean buy-over?

    Today, all employers, including ourselves, are under wage pressure. We have a deep understanding of our customer’s needs and opportunities, and we believe that you do not need a recruitment partner to buy someone over. Our requirements description document also maps the customer’s value proposition at a given job. We guarantee our customers that the headhunted specialists and managers must meet all the requirements set out in the profile, including the candidate’s salary level within the framework offered by the company. We consider salary to be a short-term motivator, and candidates, whose only motivation to change jobs is salary, will not reach our final selection. However, we advise customers on the salary levels of the labor market already prior to recruitment, keep an eye on salary trends and support candidates on their career path. When a candidate is ready to take a step forward on their career and take on more responsibility, salary increases are natural and organic. Our headhunting process supports companies in finding talent at every level and candidates in advancing their careers.

  • How long does the headhunting take on average?

    We are the fastest headhunting company on the market, bringing the strongest end selection to the customer in up to four weeks. At the same time, we support customers throughout the search process – we help to create search profiles, advise on the salary levels of the market, if necessary, conduct searches at the international level and support them with follow-up activities. The usual recruitment process, together with customer-side activities, takes up to three months from the start of the headhunting to the candidate’s employment. For our part, we ensure the fastest and most comprehensive headhunting process on the market, so that our customers have a choice and that the entire recruitment process is efficient, high-quality and effective.

  • Does United Talents have its own talent base?

    United Talent’s headhunting process provides a systematic mapping of the entire labor market each time. By mapping to this extent for each search project, we have interviewed and stored the profiles of nearly 20,000 candidates over the years. As the frameworks for the processing of personal data, the security requirements of data protection, as well as the labor market itself are constantly changing, we are constantly updating the database, updating the GDPR consents and developing the functionality of the database. At the same time, the database is only a partially valuable tool for us – our promise to the customer is always the strongest final choice in the entire labor market, which is why in addition to the existing network, all our headhuntings require active mapping of all companies of interest to the customer. Such activity and systematicity, in turn, constantly brings new candidates to the base and updates the existing talent portfolio. If you want to add your data to our talent base as a passive or active job seeker.

  • If you can't find a suitable candidate through headhunting, do you still have to pay?

    United Talent’s headhunting process is unique, systematic and thorough, so we can proudly say that 99% of our searches end with successful recruitment. At the same time, over the years, we have had a few cases where a customer suddenly manages to fill a position themself, the search is suspended due to a change in strategy, or the customer requests the recruitment to be postponed for another good reason. We are loyal to our customers in every situation and value long-term trustworthy cooperation. In special situations, we are understanding and will agree on a fee that will compensate us for the work done at the time the search is suspended or postponed. Our core values are the cornerstone of our operations, and our customers always have the freedom to make the necessary business decisions independently of our cooperation.