Talented specialists and managers are a long-term investment and the essence of every organization’s success. At the same time, finding and retaining „the right“ people has become a key challenge in corporate sustainability and growth.

United Talents represents decades of recruitment experience, combined with a fresh approach to headhunt. The labour market is in continuous development and we thrive in this turbulence. We have a black belt in an array of sourcing channels, a vast network of professionals across all industries and we love detective work. Our consultants offer high engagement and bring results.
United Talents_sihtotsing_värbamispartner_recruiment_headhunting

We specialize
in methodological discreet headhunt

United Talents_sihtotsing_värbamispartner_recruiment_headhunting

We are recruiting
in any industry and at all levels

Our search process is unique,
offering a full market coverage

We have delivered
over 1,000 search projects

United Talents_sihtotsing_värbamispartner_recruiment_headhunting

We present the final selection
in 2-4 weeks

We offer a 3-tier
guarantee to all our recruitments

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Our values

Every organisation has a unique culture and expectations to their employees. However, the expectations to the recruitment partner are always the same – to fill the vacant position as efficiently as possible. We believe that successful and long-term relationships are built not only on common goals but also on shared values.


Our consultants all share a deep passion for our work and the desire for continuous development. We believe standing still is regression and we do our upmost to keep moving forward, creating more value tomorrow than we did the day before. Our clients can trust in our competence – we always analyze each organisation, its business needs and requirements to the candidates professionally and in detail. All our final candidates must meet our client’s criteria in full and be highly motivated to join the organisation.


Our client’s goals are our goals – our mission is to assist organisations with their development plans via the creation and execution of an effective recruitment strategy. We have a solid understanding of the specifics of different industries, corporate structures, different technologies, the competitive environment and the employment market. We keep ourselves up-to-date with the market developments, and advise our clients with both – filling the existing and the creation of new positions.


Strategic and thriving recruitments are based on a tight cooperation between us and the client, including a regular exchange of necessary information. We always consider clients’ information as the property of the client and treat it with upmost respect and prudence. With the same level of discretion we also treat the privacy and the data of our candidates. Trust is the bridge between us, our clients and our candidates.


Each assignment is a new challenge for us. The business environment, organisations, the labour market and ourselves are in a continuous development and we respect the relevance of that process. We carry out each assignment with deep engagement and focus. We commit to your goals in full and never settle for less than the best result.