“Our cooperation with United Talents dates back to 2015 and since then we have been able to successfully hire several specialists and managers to our different production plants with their help. We highly value United Talents’ delivery speed, flexibility and the ability to dig deep when drafting up the search profile, to help us recruit candidates that will really succeed in our organization. The delivery speed and flexibility never come at the expense of exceptional quality, and the ability to draft accurate profiles has greately developed us as partners. Whilst most recruiters focus only on specific professional skills and previous experience, we appreciate United Talents’ emhasis on interpersonal skills, attitude and general reflection on life itself. As a great example, we recently asked United Talents to source candidates fully out of the box, prioritizing only specific interpersonal skills – and succeeded in finding exactly the right candidate!“

Eve-Mai Lindau, Ensto Ensek AS

HR Manager

“United Talents is our long-standing cooperation partner and we trust them with all our most complex recruitment projects. What we value most about United Talents, is their thorough approach, flexibility, relevant and detailed feedback, speed and impecable quality at every stage of the search. We have always been able to recruit the right specialists and managers and we consider United Talents an highly engaged, trusted and irreplacable business partner.“

Mare-Anne Vahtra, Stoneridge Electronics AS

HR Manager

“Swedbank’s cooperation with United Talents began at the end of 2015. During these two years, United Talents has delivered over 15 recruitments, from project managers to head of divisions, data modellers to the management level. Our cooperation has always been professional, fast, smooth and open. They are true recruitment experts, who know how to throughly map profile requirements as well as the market, and always provide great candidates. Their ability to keep candidates in the loop, combined with solid evaluation reports have definitely enabled us to imrove the efficiency of our recruitment decisions. Another advantage with United Talents is their ability to source candidates internationally, as well as their willingness to adapt to company-specific needs, including regarding the search timeframe. I have always admired their ability to sense the essence of each employer’s brand, and the passion they display when communicating it to the employment market. It’s this very proactivity and spark that we seek in our candidates, that we value also in our recruitment partner. And we have plenty of it with United Talents.“

Ülle Pind, Swedbank

Head of Human Resources

“With United Talents the desired result is always guaranteed. They always display full in-depth focus, act fast and work with a constant high level of inspiring energy.“

Kaspar Küünarpuu, Norstat AS

Regional Director of the Baltics

“United Talents has been SEB bank’s long-standing cooperation partner for many years, helping us successfully recruit different specialist, top-specialist and management level positions. Thanks to the professional and sparkle-eyed United Talents team, we have always found the right solutions and are highly satisfied with our cooperation. United Talents’ support, adivisory and professional approach guarantee the desired result each time!“

May-Liis Musting, SEB AS

Director of HR and Training Division

“United Talents has helped Nordecon with headhunting projects in both Estonia and Sweden. Our cooperation has always been smooth, because all United Talents’ consultants are true professionals, who perform a through due diligence, act fast and strategically, keep to agreements and deadlines, as well as keep the client informed and in the loop during the search process. Thanks to United Talents, we have been able to fill even the most complex key positions. United Talents consultants are able to think out of the box and provide unique solutions that we could not have come up with inhouse. And most of all – they work with true passion!“

Mall Ivalo, Nordecon AS

Head of Group Function HRM

“After hearing a lot of good things about United Talents from our own clients through the years, the choice of selecting a headhunter firm was easy to make when NJORD Law Firm found itself in a need for one. We did not get disappointed! I have since recommended Karin, Pille and their team to many more!“

Karolina Ullman, NJORD advokaadibüroo

Attorney at law, Partner

“Having tried out different recruitment partners in the past and found myself disappointed, I was cautious, if not to say pessimistic, when discussing our first assignment with United Talents back in 2014. Yet, I was taken in by their radically different approach to recruitment and the burning passion they displayed about their work. Today, United Talents has helped us with several key recruitments in Estonia and beyond, being a valued partner also to other companies in our group. Aside of all successful recruitments, I would like to extend a special thanks to United Talents also for their readiness to always assist with other HR or recruitment related advice and support.“

Joel Timm, Balti Logistika AS

Board member

“United Talents is top executive’s ace-card. The move you make in the most crucial business situations, where you opt out of taking chances and go for a guaranteed home-run. United Talents has helped us bring onboard several desired top talents in Estonia. Furthermore, we have strengthened our team with people who share our values and the passion to make Ülemiste City the best business campus in the World.“

Margus Nõlvak, Mainor Ülemiste AS


“United Talents have helped me build my closest team in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The final selection has always been rock-solid, which has made it pleasantly difficult each time to cast the very final vote. It is, however, a great pleasure to be able say that all the candidates we have recruited with United Talents help are also working in the company today.“

Romet Pärn, Tikkurila AS

Regional Director

“United Talents have the initiative and guts to make a cold-call to exactly whomever. They are easy to communicate with, both as a candidate and as an employer. They are intelligent within the depths of the Internet, as well as at face-to- face interviews, radiating warmth and openess, ready to adapt their processes, even to align with one of the largest global corporations.“

Maria Kütt, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

Regional head of HR in Baltics